[ah-gahpey] noun, plural – selfless, sacrificial love; the highest form of love or charity


We’re so glad you’re here. My family and I want to welcome you to our store.

Agape Outfitters is a vision that has been in the making for a very long time. Agape is a Greek word that represents the highest form of love. Brotherly love; a sacrificial love. A kind of love that gives without expecting anything in return. It’s a word that doesn’t get much press today, yet we wanted it to be a foundation part of our mission and vision. Agape Outfitters is our attempt to share that love by creating products that can be worn, shared, given and displayed with the hope that we can create a better world, with more “agape” love.

Casner Family

Our Backstory

28 years ago, before any of the family stuff started,  I (Mat) took a job with a t-shirt company in my hometown during my senior year in high school. I was hired as the store’s first graphic designer. I didn’t even know what a graphic designer was. I have loved art all my life, but I barely knew how to use a computer at the time. Over time, I figured it out. Little did I know that job would be the catalyst that kicked of a career in graphic design that has spanned closed to 30 years.

Wow, I’m old!

Today, our family lives in a small, rural town in Kansas. I started a small graphic design and web development agency called Redlogic Communications. For almost two decades, I’ve been striving to use my gifts and talents to help small businesses grow through smart marketing and creativity. My wife, Regina, and I have spent the past twenty years growing a family (3 girls, 1 boy) and love being a part of our church and community.

Recently, I’ve been so captivated by the way today’s technology can allow us to share our ideas and creations with the world. And, drawing from some old inspiration as a shirt designer, I decided to launch a website where I can share the t-shirt ideas in my head with you and the world.


Launching Agape Outfitters

We launched the site on July 4, 2018.

So, in honor of Independence Day, we launched with our first design, “One Nation Under God”.

Our family is blessed to live in America and I know God has worked in mighty ways in and through our country. This shirt is a reminder to me that I cannot forget how much I need the Almighty in my life and my country.


Wear the Love!

I invite you to stop in a take a look around. We’ll consistently be adding more designs as we develop them. If you’d like to know when I release new designs, just LIKE our Facebook page, Agape Outfitters – Christian and Humorous T-Shirts, Apparel and Gifts.


And the Giving Continues

We are especially proud to be partnering with Scott Harrison and Charity Water, an organization dedicated to bringing clean, fresh water to people, communities and nations that need it desperately. We’re excited to donate $1 from every purchase from our store to Charity Water. You can read more about our commitment to giving to Charity Water along with a great video explaining more about this great organization here.

With (agape) love to you and yours!

~The Casners

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