Charity Water

I think one of the biggest responsibilities we have as humans is to look after others. Especially those who live in tough and unfair circumstances.

One doesn’t have to look hard to see and understand that there is great need all around us. Sometimes when we see all the need that is in the world, it’s hard to know how we, as individuals, can make a difference.

Thankfully, there are many wonderful organizations, great and small, all over the world that are making a difference in the lives of others.

Agape Outfitters partners with Charity Water

We have picked one of those organizations to partner with… Charity Water. I first heard Scott Harrison, founder and CEO of Charity Water in Dallas, Texas in October of 2017. Scott was speaking to us, in a room full of business owners, about how his personal journey led him to discover a desperate need for clean water in our world. Scott shared how he personally started working to find ways to bring clean, sustainable water to people living with unthinkable water options.

Scott shared his vision to bring clean water to as many people as possible. The funds that Scott and Charity Water raised go directly to the cost and production of fresh water wells. And, the technology that Charity Water uses to monitor and track the use of the wells is amazing. But, what is more amazing is the health and life that is returning to areas because of access to clean water.

$1 Donated for Every Sale

Below is a video where Scott explains the mission of Charity Water. And, our family and Agape Outfitters have committed to donate $1 of every sale to Charity Water and be a part of the clean water revolution.

Enjoy the video and be inspired!

With Agape love,

The Casners and the Agape Outfitters staff

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